Zoos in South America

South America, thanks to its abundant flora and fauna, is a wonderful destination for wildlife enthusiasts who are looking for nature-based vacation. Zoos in South America are worth visiting for they give an opportunity to connect with the country’s wildlife, their natural habitats and diverse ecosystems. The South America Zoo tickets include entry to the zoo and access to all the exhibit zones where you can spot animals from all over the world. A South American zoo is a great place to visit with kids for they provide entertaining as well as informative experience to learn about nature and wildlife. You can witness several distinct species like tamarins, sloth bears, tapirs, macaws, toucans, alligators, turtles and anacondas. These zoos host several events like lectures about wildlife and feeding sessions to encourage close contact with the animals. They also focus on conservation projects to preserve nature and look after animal welfare.

Top Zoos in South America

Parque das Aves.jpg
Parque das Aves

Located at Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil, Parque das Aves is a South American Zoo that provides shelter for different varieties of birds. It is the only zoo in the world that aims at the conservation of beautiful birds of the Atlantic Forest. There are five immersion aviaries in Parque das Aves where you can come in close contact with Atlantic birds like toucans, macaws and Alagoas Curassow. The zoo welcomes birds that have endured mistreatment and trafficking and provides a good quality life.

Sao Paulo Zoo
Sao Paulo Zoo

Sao Paulo Zoo is the largest zoo in Brazil that has around 3200 animals and 216 species of birds nurtured in replicas of their natural habitats. It houses a farm to grow vegetables used in the feed of the animals, a nursery for cubs and a public library with over 4000 volumes. This South American Zoo facilitates recovery programs to preserve endangered Brazilian species like lion tamarin, Lear’s macaw, snow leopard and spectacled bear.

Temaiken Biopark
Temaiken zoo

Temaiken Zoo at Buenos Aires in Argentina is a huge South American Zoo where you can spot animals from around the world conserved in their authentic habitats. The zoo is divided into four different zones including Asia, Africa, South America or Local and Aquarium. The main attraction of the zoo is the aquarium where you can see numerous marine creatures like sharks, manta rays, penguins, alligators, tapirs and turtles. You can also attend lectures about pets or take part in feeding sessions.

Ocelot in Gramado Zoo
Gramado Zoo

Gramado Zoo is one of the famous South American Zoos and houses species native to Brazil to emphasize local animal welfare. The zoo features more than 1500 different animals including howler monkeys, tapirs, emus and crocodiles. The major highlight of the zoo is the huge aviary where you can spot numerous birds like toucans and parrots while dangerous animals like leopards and jaguars are housed behind glass windows. You can also take a night tour around the zoo to see the nocturnal residents.